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About us

Vologda Confectionery Factory is one of the biggest confectionery manufacturers in north-western Russia.

We are engaged in confectionery production, wholesale and retail. Our company is rapidly developing and increasing in production as well as the range of our products, which has gone up to 300: we produce marshmallows, jelly and jelly beans, fruit paste, caramel, dragées, candy, toffee, and chocolate souvenirs.

ZAO Confectionary Factory produces its goods using natural ingredients found in the Vologda region: lingonberries, blueberries, cranberries, rose hips, rowanberries, beets, squash, carrots. The company produces healthy and diet foods, such as sugar-free sweets or products with seaweed, Vitamin C, and natural oils.

All of our products are certified in accordance with the “Real Vologda product” certification system that ensures top quality of our goods.

Over the years of being in the market, the Confectionery Factory has gained a reputation as a successful company. Our employees are proud to be providing our customers with delicious high-quality sweets.

Vologda Confectionary Factory has been rewarded gold and silver medals as well as multiple certificates at cross-industry, interregional and international trade shows. Our marshmallows, jelly products and chocolates are winners in the category “Russia’s 100 Best Products”.

In 2010, Vologda Confectionary Factory was titled the “best small manufacturer of consumer goods in Russia”. In 2011, the factory won the contest among the regional agriculture companies.

Our details:

ZAO Confectionery Factory

CEO: Ivanova Raisa Ilyinichna

Postal and legal address:

2а Turundaevsky Pereulok, Vologda 160012

Current account 40702810800000000724
Correspondent account 30101810800000000786
RCBIC 041909786
Taxpayer Identification Number (INN) 3525091130
Tax Registration Reason Code (KPP) 352501001
Primary State Registration Number (OGRN) 1023500896506
OKONKH 18114 OKPO 47874226
ОАО Bank SGB located at:
3 Blagoveshchenskaya Ulitsa, Vologda 160001

Tel./Fax: (8172) 21–60–20; 21–60-44; 21-64-24

Email: mail@sladosti35.ru

Website: sladosti35.ru

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